Monday, 4 October 2010

My Second piece on Maya...

Following the dice last week we've been given 2 or 3 more awesome objects to make in Maya, here's my first one:

Poor quality images I'm afraid due to my poor internet at the moment but I'll put nicer ones on here at some point soon.
I really enjoyed this, I actually managed to make minimal mistakes with it and even though I was just copying the video I definitely feel more confident when using Maya. Now for the pen!


  1. Hey, loving the lighting ;P
    Just a query, it looks a little flat under the glass, did you turn on the refractions for it? (Under the Raytrace options for the Blinn material). Might give some nice results with that marble pattern, or maybe it's just how it's sitting.

  2. Cheers ma dears! I think they were on...I'm not too sure. I just kinda followed the video really and hoped that it was alright. I'll have to have another look or at least make sure I do it for the pen...It will have refractions, I swear! XP