Monday, 11 October 2010

Maya Updated and finished...mostly...

I'm on a roll today! Although Maya did faff me around a bit, I managed to get the majority of the lighting and animation tasks done:


The two 1 point lighting images. I especially love the super sci-fi one above here :D

 My 2 point lighting image, which looks toastie-warm...

And my 3 point lighting image which looks pretty darn cool too. 

Morning lighting...

Midday lighting...

 Nighttime lighting...

Horror Lighting...

Sci Fi Lighting...

And finally the Fire Cast lighting!

I'm waiting for my videos to finish up loading at the moment as I've been using vimeo and they love to delay you watching your own awesomeness *sad face* but for now though, some images! : D

My little robot man!

My epic little rocket!

Good times all round! The videos will be here today and I can't wait to watch them really. I'm so excited about learning how to make more animations, it's going to be crazy amounts of good!


  1. Hey Molly - make a post about this question on the group blog - turning renders into animations and uploading to blogs - one of the CGAA guardian angels will no doubt give you what you need to know :-)

  2. Hey Molly,
    The basic principles are
    1. open Adobe Premier
    2. Import image files
    3. drop them onto the timeline
    4. export/ render them into a file format
    5. upload to either Vimeo or You Tube
    6. embed using the link provided by your choice of host
    7. sit back and bask in the awesomeness of your work.
    If you need further details then don't hesitate to drop by and give me shout.

  3. Thanks guys! I always worry about posting on the group blog in case I'm asking something stupid, but apparently not! I'll make sure to next time, but thanks for saving my bacon this time Simon! :D