Thursday, 21 October 2010

Finally, My Final Self Portrait :D

It's been a challenging journey but here we are :

It's been a great first project. I'm still not fantastic at drawing but this study of anatomy and our life drawing sessions have been so helpful and I really think I'm improving steadily.
On to my portrait! I'm generally really happy with it. I was a bit worried that it wouldn't really look like me at the end but seeing as that's what I wanted that's not such a bad thing! For this portrait I wanted to try and show a real amalgamation of me and the dragonfly.  I wanted to have a longer body and swollen back combined with deformed hands and feet.  
I tried to keep the face roughly the same shape as mine and the eyes and nose resemble the shape of mine but then try to have elements of the dragonfly too, such as the hairs all over the body and the creased joints.  I also added in some funny little mandibles sprouting from my neck because the dragonfly has two tiny legs by their head.
It's nice for it to finally be done and even though it probably could look better, I'm generally happy with it.
Now to put the dreaded presentation together :S

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  1. i know i've told you before but ..its so cute! ^^