Tuesday, 19 October 2010

HELP PLEASE! It's the Desk Scene...

I managed to get it done but I'm not sure whether I've gone wrong somewhere or if it's meant to look like this:

I managed to do the layering fine in photoshop and I followed the PDF but it's turned out really dark.  Anyone got any ideas where I went wrong? I don't even mind if it's something stupid and simple but I'm really confused. Being a genius, I tried to fix the problem and just made it worse so I can put the layers up that I have although they're not necessarily the same

Beauty Layer:

Ambient Occlusion layer: 

ZDepth layer:

I'm pretty sure it's the beauty layer that's been muffed up but I really don't know how...Any ideas are much appreciated!


  1. Could you explain a little better the exact problem, and at which point during the process it went wrong? Maybe upload your ambient occlusion, zdepth and beauty pass layers, see if there problems there?

  2. Sorry, was doing that as you posted. I think I haven't done the lighting correctly or something. I followed the pdf but his images are much brighter than mine, ezpecially his beauty one...

  3. Right, so the problem is definately with your Beauty layer, the main render. Check all the objects in your scene are connected to correct lights, it looks like sometings, like the poker chips and desk aren't.

  4. How do I go about attaching lights to things? I'm still learning a bit slow I'm afraid.

  5. Select you light, select all the models in your layer, make sure the drop down menu in the top left is on rendering, go to lighting/shading along the top, and go to 'make light links'. Just try it. If you haven't conciously broken anyof the links, it may not fix it, it just looks like the problem. Try that, if it doesn't work, wack your problem up on the main group blog for Alan to see :)