Monday, 17 October 2011

Rough Character Constructions...

As I'm lagging behind a bit on the actual drawing side of character design I decided to get the rough body shapes for my three characters up.

First is the hero, Inari:

I want her to seem young and nimble but strong. I tried basing it on images of Pocahontas and I'm actually quite happy with what I have.  Her general shape is good enough and I like her colour scheme but her costume will definitely change a lot, I just wanted to give her something to get an idea down and I like the general idea but her sock things are maybe too long and her head scarf needs a lot of tweaking.

Villain, Oni:


The same as previously, another image to get the rough body shape and colour scheme of the character and again I like both generally.  His costume is definitely unfinished and I need to personalise both of the characters' props but I do really like his colouring.  Another thing I want to change is his build, I don't think this is anywhere near bulky enough yet but I was just relieved to find his rough shape really.

Sidekick, Kitsune:
These are only slightly different to those I've previously drawn of Kitsune because I get very nervous when it comes to drawing animals. I'm inexperienced and they have more limbs that are funny looking in comparison to people but I had a go anyway. I quite like what I have to be honest, although it isn't much I think her general sweetness and slinkiness is there. I didn't play too much with colour here because I think she'll start off white, wearing her red scarf/collar, and she'll change depending on the circumstances (like a chameleon but more magical).

Now I have somewhere to start when it comes to personalising their props! Yay! :D


  1. it's great to see some design work on here, Molly - I was a bit worried about you for a while there - and I really like what's getting started here - the female character is very 'high fashion' and I like her elegance.

  2. Thanks Phil! I was starting to worry a bit too but I had to bite the bullet sometime though and I feel a lot better for it :P