Sunday, 23 October 2011

Character Updates!

After Phil's comments I hopped back and made some changes:


I gave him ankles! Maybe they're not quite big enough yet but they're much better than they were. Also, I replaced his weird spindly finger toes with claws, which is always an improvement! :P However, I think he has too much 'wisp' all over him. Once it's reduced a little it will be just about right!



The big one on the right I think is her final outfit. I'm sure It'll change when I add her props on and finish up her face design but it's nice to have something to work from now! :D


I want to start suggesting that Kitsune's very mouldable and flexible because she can shape-shift when she needs to, and I think this is getting there. Also, Instead of having her pure white I've taken Inari's colour scheme and given her a soft beige colour, which is much more appropriate and will also be more interesting when she Battle Cat's into her nine-tailed super-self.

More soon!

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