Sunday, 26 May 2013

New Designers Improvement To-Do List...


  • It's awfully fast but it's hard to slow it down when it's working with the music. Cut certain sections out or trim them down perhaps?
  • The scene at 13secs camera could go up then lead into scene at 19secs then to scene at 17secswhich will zoom out to see the spiral scene. scene at 21secs needs to be somewhere but not sure where yet.
  • These changes could lead to a slightly longer stairs scene so the close up is not so rushed.
  • The deep breath at 28secs should be longer if possible, feels too rushed.
  • The final sequence needs to be more dynamic. More tweaking on the animation to make the struggle a little more violent but also more inter-cutting with close ups and different angles to build tension.

Dream Cleaners:
  • More 2D work. I have a nice selection at the moment but I feel like a few illustrations of the characters interacting would work well.
  • Get the models finished!
  • Get stickers and t shirts made!

  • Business cards!
  • Books!


  1. Hi Molly - in addition to your list, I do think you should think about actually showing how both Clarissa and Flossy transform/light up as part of your intro sequence. Also, as observed by a few others, some blinking etc would bring further life to your characters (I know, I know, simple enough to write, hard to accomplish...).

    1. Hey Phil! I think I can manage the transformations well enough and I'll have a good go at adding a blink to the characters, we'll just see if it works out :)