Saturday, 4 May 2013

DVD Box Update...

Here's how the box is looking currently:

It may be best to remove the moon and cloud, leaving just a few stars scattered around so it doesn't distract from the characters too much. It's definitely better though, now I just have to wait for the re-jigged scene to finish rendering :P


  1. Morning Molly,

    You know, when it comes to these revisions, suggestions, tweaks you might want to work in a less of 'finished' way - i.e. always polishing a suggestion to a high level - particularly when it's a bit 'try it and see'. For example, I'm looking at this new composition and thinking that Natty should be in the centre, with Walter on her left - but it's clear from this DVD mock-up that you've spent a while making it look top-notch - which must make it heart-breaking and frankly rather irritating when people like me pop by to make yet another suggestion! In regard to getting this logo + composition right, right now work a bit more loosely and bit more freely so you're not always committing yourself to a 'ta da!' moment; let's face it, in the context of your whole body of work, fiddling with the logo and ensemble composition is small beans; this isn't about correcting errors, but rather investigating opportunities to give your work more impact and visual authority. I know you're desperate to be 'finished', but I'd like to see you exploring this logo + ensemble 'iconic' shot still further - because for me, it's not quite there yet...

    1. Morning Phil!

      I do spend a lot of time on it but when it comes to tweaking a single render and rearranging layers in Photoshop it isn't too scary. When it comes to re-arranging animations though it's definitely a little more worrying :P

      I'll get a couple more tweaked versions up today while I'm sorting out turnarounds :)