Monday, 27 May 2013

First 2 Blink Tests...

With Clarissa and Alistair in playblast quality:

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  1. blinking is already enriching your characters, Molly - great stuff - and I think you should look for simple ways to add in some additional secondary animation - for example, setting Clarissa's light swinging etc. Just look at your various characters and identify the various small ways in which to pull out their characters. At New Designers, audiences are going to encounter them as a first impression as 'animated characters' and 'toy designs' second; if they're 'put off' by a bit of stiffness, you might find you're not having the conversations you want to have - so this extra effort is important, I think. Just look for simple, charming ways to bring each of your characters additionally to life :) (For example, seeing Walter blink behind his big magnifying glasses is going to bring so much more character to him...).