Saturday, 4 May 2013

Dream Cleaners Intro *Now with more SFX!*...

Below is an improved version of the introduction, now with extra sound effects and more Walter :)

I definitely think it's an improvement but feel free to let me know if you feel something isn't working.

I've also got a few renders of the last shot with different backgrounds below:

Which do you think works best? I quite like the first blue one but it'll be great to hear what you all reckon too! :)


  1. Hey Molly :)

    Okay - so the new backgrounds... I'm in a pickle because I like the original, the blue and the rich, custardy yellow! I'm also wondering if this final background might work if it was actually a soft gradient to give a sense of 'floor becoming sky' - so more colour on the lower half less in the upper bit (so moving into white) or maybe the other way around; I'm just wondering now if the softness and tonal range of a gentle gradient might sit happily with your logo etc.

    I'm not going to be coy - I really like the children laughing etc. on the idents and think it clearly places your work in its proper context - and I like all the jingles and additions; I'm wondering if the actual wipe transitions could do with a sound identity - I think it would lend additional 'crunch' to what you've already achieved; it doesn't have to be a big sound, but just something to give those wipes a bit more weight.

    Finally, I just think the final moments need finessing - there's just something a bit clunky and sticky about the way the camera moves and the logo is introduced - it's much better now that you've changed the emphasis from whizzing away to focusing on the logo at the end - but maybe the logo should be allowed to fill the screen at the end, and then a wipe + a shower of stars makes it disappear again?

    Also - and don't beat me up; I'm wondering about the composition of the whole ensemble plus logo; you've got that 'hole' on the top far right of the composition, which I know is there because you've got Nigel's extra bigness to consider. Have you considered an alternative set-up - for example, have the Dream Cleaners Logo at the bottom and then your characters arranged above it with Nigel in the middle (at the back) - is you put Clarissa on the far left her ear line will start the arc and if you put Alistair on the far right, his right wing angle will sort of finish the other side of the arc - I know you want flossy peeping around, but her big ears are throwing off your composition too - you've got some time, so I think re-jigging your ensemble is worth it, because I think in so doing, you'll also find a composition that might better suit your DVD cover, and so ensure you get your characters on the front, where they certainly should be! :)

    1. Yeah, that all makes a lot of sense. I'll hop to it and re jig my DVD cover too. Thanks Phil :P

    2. If you've got the time just create some alternates to promote a proper discussion - you know it's always better to be a bit 'Goldilocks' about it - i.e. you only know the porridge is 'just right' because you've first had a go on the bowl that is 'too hot' and 'too cold' - comparison is always the most clarifying in these picky, polishing final moments - even if it turns out that an older version of something rules supreme! :)

    3. I forgot to say that I think the falling stars should also have a sound identity too - because it will give them addition presence and just make the whole soundscape very zingy and textured, which is why each of the wipes should 'make a sound' too - obviously it's an issue of ensuring the total sound mix works together pleasingly :)