Friday, 8 March 2013

New Research...

After a good think I've decided to move my audience to 3+ instead of 2+. This allows me to still have the same characters and abilities but when it comes to the toys they can be much smaller and more intricate than they could previously be.

The next change is that the final outcome will no longer be animated (unless there's time for one little interaction scene between Flossy and Natty), it will instead be focused on creating a selection of stills of the characters and of posed scenes for the card game I will also be designing. I'm unsure whether it will be a simple game of Snap or Go Fish, or whether I'll turn it into top trumps and give each character stats. Either way, below is the research I have so far:

This choice has also lead me to think about the packaging for the toys and how they could be presented to my audience.  Below is a selection of the most appealing packaging I've found so far:

I'll get a little more research done tomorrow so I can start interpretting what it is I want for my characters, but it's a scary new world for me so I'm looking forward to exploring it and making the 'Dream Cleaners' become a reality :D


  1. I wouldn't restrict yourself to the simple blister (or alternative-like) box packaging. You could potentially go anywhere with it in terms of presenting. Like for example:

    Look at Me!
    and me!

    Obviously in a more innocent child-friendly style. :)

    1. Ooooo! Yeah! Sounds like a plan! I'll have a proper look tomorrow, thanks Ryan! :D