Monday, 21 January 2013

@Phil, My Idea So Far...

I've been looking into toy design as a career path after uni and I'd like to use this project to help me produce something character based that I can be proud to show any company. I really want this project to be even better than the last one, which I was really happy with.

With that in mind, I've decided to go for a character based project.  I will be designing and modelling a selection of characters (probably 3) from a children's TV series.  

The TV series named "Dream Defenders" (working title) is set in the Land of Nod, where our team of Dream Cleaners wait to be called in to clear out children's dreams and turn them from bad to good.

Toy wise, I can imagine these characters as dream/sleep mascots that children can take to bed with them if they worry about bad dreams. I can remember having bad dreams and wanting someone to turn up and make it all go away, so I think this is a nice way of presenting that idea.

I want the characters to be simple in shape, similar to the above picture and Hello Kitty too. Round, soft shapes that are non-threatening and pleasing to look at. All of them with the same rough build but different accessories, to represent their different personalities and roles, like The Smurfs.

It's still early days but I feel this premise is one that children can relate to, but can still be fantastical and fun. I'd also like it if they could be something not only for children but that adults would like to have on their desk too. Keeping them charming and cute, with a lot of personality is really important. My last character had these elements and it's important to me that these ones have it too.

I hope this has been succinct enough, here's a link to my previous post with more about my influences and a couple of drawings. Let me know what you think :)


  1. Hey Molly I thought of this blog after seeing your influence maps. Check it out :)

  2. Hey Molly,

    Dream cleaners - nice. I can already see the range of toys. So, from where are you going to derive your forms - from their functions? For example - feather dusters for sweeping away cobwebs, vacuum cleaners for sucking up the bad stuff, lightbulbs for lighting up the shadows? There are lots of cute toy things out there right now - it's a trend - so I'd be really interested to see what your design methodology might be - something innovative and quirky? I suggest you prepare a very clear and professional outline of your premise for your cartoon show and get down to some character biographies - and I think a good place to start would be deriving character from specific function. I'll watch this space!

    1. Hey Phil!

      Cute-ified cleaning devices, that's exactly what I wanted to go for! I'd love to draw ideas from various pre-existing devices, maybe looking into vacuum cleaners and various other devices from the fifties as well as some contemporary ones too. I'll have a go at combining them with elements of German expressionist prints too, see what comes out. :P

      I already have a rough premise here: but now I know I'm on to something I'll get a bit more roughing out done and finalise the premise, proposal and logline so I can jump into pre-production. I know it's quite a busy market at the moment but I also know that with enough research and doodling I can get something quirky and unique.

      It's exciting times again Phil, I can't wait to see what comes out! :D