Saturday, 15 June 2013

@Phil, Tweaked Dream Cleaners Image Sequence...

Now with more colour!

Let me know if it need changing :)


  1. Much more appealing and expressive of the Dream Cleaners charm, Molly, though personally, I'd lose the old Flossy sheet (because she no longer relates to your final line-up), and also the environment image, because I think that's a confusion of your 'message' (i.e. toy design/character designer). Instead, I think you should include some of Alistair's colour ways, and consider concluding your slide show with a specially created ensemble of your cast of characters as final colour choices etc.

    (I'd also consider giving your page-layouts a bit more margin all the way around, as I wouldn't want any cropping happening - some of your images feel very close to the edge and feel a bit cramped to my eye).

    1. Okay, cool! Thanks Phil, I'll get on it :D