Wednesday, 5 June 2013

@Phil, Book Preview...


  1. Hey Molly,

    You're right - the pencil drawings aren't looking great right now, but they do have some valuable qualities; have you considered simply using Levels in Photoshop to shunt up the black and dial up the white? You'll lose some information in the image, but I think you'll get some nice dynamic line work. You need to disappear all that 'misty' background - if you can't turn them into line art, don't use them - I suggest you up the resolution of your pencil images to start with, then use Levels to clean them up, and use the eraser tool to lose any stubborn stuff. What you want is to get those pencil drawings looking like your digital drawings. Maybe have a go at cleaning them up and create a quick post for me to have a look :)

    In general terms, book is looking hugely professional!

  2. Hey Molly, I hope you're ordering a hard cover book, proved to be well worth few extra pounds :]

  3. Wow, thanks guys! I was going for soft cover but once they're both finished maybe I'll price up the hard cover, especially seeing as its apparently looking professional ( thank you Phil :D)

    I'll get those drawings tidied tomorrow too! :)