Monday, 25 June 2012

Sea Witch's Lair: Revisited...

I haven't got too far yet as I've been enjoying rejigging this young lady:

Bottom right image has her head tilted slightly.

I still need to tweak her hair, smooth out the lumps and probably re-design her dress a bit but she's looking good and I'm enjoying it, which is great!  

Next is thinking about texturing and redoing the scene's lighting. Looking pretty nice with only a few in there though:

I'm pretty excited at the moment so here's hoping it continues! :D


  1. ooh!!!!! GREAT to see this project re-invigorated! hurrah!

  2. Keep it up Molly, I'm wondering if the hair might be too soft for a statue made of wood. Maybe some tight edges on the corners will make it feel more man made carved as opposed to looking too organic. Don't forget to go through and clean up the geometry on that head too, It's wobbly in places, so just run over it with the sculpt geometry tool on a really low intensity with autosmooth on and it will smooth it all out a bit, then just hand move certain verts that are still an issue.
    Also, set the lighting up with the a grey lambert on the scene, it will really help with lighting to not have so much distraction from the textures.