Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Figurehead Update...

Here's how she's currently looking:



I've given her some draping cloth instead of her previous dress. After a bit of feedback it has come to my attention that it's probably not really floaty enough for something underwater, and there should also be some kind of rope tied around her to hold it on.

That said, I'm pretty impressed with what I've managed to do so far. I've improved a lot and am looking forward to what happens next! :)


  1. Hi Molly thanks for your comment the other day, just had a quick look and your modelling looks exciting, I particularly like the figure head above as it has a nice style

    Look forward to see how this all develops as you explore further :)

    1. Aw, no problem! Thanks for your feedback Adam! Still trying to get back into the swing of working at the moment :P

    2. Me too unfortunately there has been a lot going on at the moment but hopefully will be more free after next week :)