Thursday, 21 June 2012

SCD: Inari's Face Progress...

I'm having a go at giving Inari a face now and it's starting to work.

Here's an image map of the faces I've been using as reference:


Here are the first attempts:

The 3/4 is still squiffy. I'm improving as I keep rejigging parts of the face but I'm going to nail it down before I start work on the rest of her.


  1. lovely new blog, Molly - and it's great to see you 'going back' and enriching your project work! Good to have you back in the mix again too - not that I was getting a bit worried about you or anything :)

  2. Thanks Phil! It feels good to be back :) and that's okay, I was worrying about myself a little too, but with a bit of butt kicking I'm getting back on track to hit the ground running for third year :D

    1. Also, I have Jon to thank for my much lovelier looking blog. All my attempts were... Unpleasant :P