Thursday, 2 February 2012

Transcription Story Ideas So Far...

After my tutorial it's clear that creating an environment for illustration purposes would be the best option for me and the stories I've been looking at. Here's the list of ideas so far:

Hans Christian Anderson:
  • The Little Sea Maid
    • The Sea Witch's cave made of bones and surrounded by a forest of seaweed and sea snakes.
    • The bedroom on the ship where the Prince sleeps. Here the little sea maid sacrifices herself instead of killing him.
      • The sky is so red it makes the sea look like blood as the waves splash around.
  • The Red Shoes
    • Presenting the shoes juxtaposed against the more 'normal' surroundings it's in. 
    • The shoes dance alone almost mockingly. This could be great when going for the uncanny angle.
Brothers Grimm:
  • Sleeping Beauty
    • The small room she's asleep in.
      • She was originally raped and gave birth to a child, all while she was asleep, so somehow putting suggestions of that in there might be pretty unsettling.
  • Snow White
    • Grand dinner table with a heart on the plate.
      • The boars heart that the queen believes is Snow White's.
    • The Queen's punishment to dance in hot iron shoes.
  • Sweetheart Roland
    •  Stepmother goes to chop off her step-daughter's head and kills her own daughter instead.
    • Stepmother is trapped and killed by thorn bush.
  • The Goose Girl
    • Falada, the princess' horse, has it's head nailed to a wall in a dark gateway so she can go and speak to it secretly.
    • The princess' maid is punished by white horses dragging her in a barrel punctured with nails in.


  1. Sea Witch Cave + Edmund Dulac = :D :D :D

    There's loads of stuff re. the golden age of illustration - of which Dulac was one - on the group blog; there is an amazing complexity of colour and texture and detail in Dulac's imagery - would be a real challenge in cg terms!

  2. I wonder where I recognise this picture from Phil.

    Hmmmmmm. Do you remember? :D

  3. Thanks Phil! I love this idea! :D

    In my tutorial with Alan we discussed that, due to it being an environment for illustration rather than film/games, it could really look like it's been printed in a book.

    I'd REALLY like for it to look illustrative, especially in the way that Edmund Dulac/John Bauer/Arthur Rackham's work was. It'd be great to replicate their intricacies, details and use of colour in the texturing, and to get that dark undertone running through it too would be great! To replicate all this in a CG environment is a challenge I would love tackle because I know it would be a massive confidence boost for me.

    I'll start doing the research now and hopefully I can jump straight in when week 2 starts! :D