Saturday, 25 February 2012

@Phil @Alan A New Focal Point?

After having another look at my artists I've seen that in all of their illustrations there's a focal point, usually a character/figure. As my piece is purely environmental, I'll be using an object from the story as my focal point, namely a cauldron/pot that she uses to make her potions in. I think it'll make a big difference to the impact of the scene and it gives me something to design around.


The cauldron can be a character in itself, with lots of ornamental bones and containers with various ingredients surrounding it. I imagine the vials hanging upside down as it's under water and they wouldn't necessarily sink, and the cauldron in the centre resting on skulls and bones. The drawings based on the Sedlec Ossuary I did earlier are a pretty nice basis to work from too.  It's exciting, and something I can use to drive forward now so onwards hopefully! :D


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