Monday, 25 April 2011

Video Game Influences: Eufloria & Osmos...


I love the music in this game, it's incredibly tranquil and the pastel colours work really well with it.  What's drawn me to it though is the seedlings and 'asteroids'. The shape and use of the seedlings reminds me of the antibodies. They both protect the cell they've come from and are both a kind of 'Y' shape.
The way that the seedlings move in groups and the fact that they're born from trees attached to the cell-like 'asteroids' are both ideas that I quite enjoy and think could work quite nicely with my theme.
These videos are good examples of this:

Close up of seedlings and tree: 1.10 - 1.20.

Example of movement as a group: 0.25-2.00


The game 'Osmos' is about growing by engulfing other cells that are smaller than you. Its aesthetic reminds me of a night sky and it's  translucency mimics that of the jellyfish I was looking at previously.  The changing colours and patterns inside the cells are what really give these little circles life.
I would love to capture this kind of translucency and colour in my work. I'm unsure as to what colour my cells will have exactly but I do know that if I can combine the movement and powerful use of colour in my work then it'll be really nice.
This video is long but it has a bit of everything from the game:


  1. I love the Eufloria aesthetic - very beautiful - and very evocative of Japanese prints - check out the work of Ohara Koson for a very similar colour palette and serenity. Nice.

  2. Cool, thank you! I've finally got a strong idea about where I'll go with this so it's looking pretty positive at the moment! :D