Wednesday, 13 April 2011

@Phil, Question about the Brief...

I'd like to do the 'Making an antibody' theme I think as the content I've been researching is really interesting.
The only thing is, I want to know how much to include because in the making of antibodies there are a lot of other cells involved.  Some are just to make the antibodies and others have their own ways of fighting bacteria.

Should I just include the basics of it or try to include other things too? There's just so much to choose from between their creation and what they do I don't really know what to go for.


  1. Hey Molly - it's a good question - but use another question to answer it; ask the 'who is my audience?' question and this should give you an approximate idea in terms of the ratio between complexity and the 2 minute duration -anyway why don't you email Peter Klappa for some expert advice? Instinctively, I suggest you isolate a process that can be narrated cleanly and clearly - is there a 'dominant' process or major process that might be used as an exemplar?

  2. Ahhhh, good points! I keep forgetting about my audience, I really meed to keep that in mind while doing my research. I'll have a look again and see which process is the most important and get some ideas going. Then I'll email Peter to see what he thinks and hopefully he'll then let me know where I'm going wrong and tell me any suggestions he has. I'm really interested in all of it so fingers crossed I'll know by tomorrow what I'm actually going for!
    Thanks a bundle for the help! :D