Wednesday, 13 April 2011

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"Antibody: An immunoglobulin, a specialized immune protein, produced because of the introduction of an antigen into the body, and which possesses the remarkable ability to combine with the very antigen that triggered its production.

The production of antibodies is a major function of the immune system and is carried out by a type of white blood cell called a B cell (B lymphocyte). Antibodies can be triggered by and directed at foreign proteins, microorganisms, or toxins. Some antibodies are autoantibodies and home in against our own tissues.

The term "antibody" dates to 1901. Prior to that time, an "antibody" referred to any of a host of different substances that served as "bodies" (foot soldiers) in the fight against infection and its ill effects."

"A lymphocyte is a type of white blood cell in the vertebrate immune system.[1]
Under the microscope, lymphocytes can be divided into large granular lymphocytes and small lymphocytes. Large granular lymphocytes includenatural killer cells (NK cells). Small lymphocytes consist of T cells and B cells."

 Image of normal person blood. Includes, white bloods cells, red blood cells and platelets.
Mega close up of Lymphocyte.

Pretty helpful animation on the subject.

Cute but useful gif animation.

Really nice CG version of a macrophage doing its thing.

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