Thursday, 13 January 2011

Power Cut Frustration...

This is what I got to before my house decided to cut off the power but leave the lights on. Me being an idiot saved my work as a JPEG but not as a PSD so I'm having to do it again.

On the bright side though, it does mean that I can keep away from any mistakes I made with this image, it's still very rough but I appreciate any comments on it.


  1. is the chair tipping, Molly? If so, I just think the freeze-frame is going to look odd - and not in a good way. Be content to let the gasmask on the chair in the sad, silent room do the work on its own. I know the tipping idea is connected to some of that great nuclear testing footage, but I fear it's simply not going to serve your agenda in terms of creating your tableau-vivant.

    I detect that you're a bit stressed, Molly. Calm it down. Think cleanly and simply and remember to breathe in and out!

  2. The tipping is completely accidental, I think I should probably just go get some food and come back, I'm sure I'll see how to fix it then.

    Eeek! Breathing, got it! Thanks! :D

  3. Yes - go eat. Do something else. Think nice thoughts. Return refreshed. Remember to save as psd!