Monday, 17 January 2011

My Matte Painting , feedback please!

This is what I got up to during Friday's Photoshop session:

 There were two more images to go in between but they got corrupted somehow so  there's only the first part and the last.

 Below is the image of Nevada desert that I'm basing it on:

Here's what I've done today:

Here's what I've stopped at so far:

I want it to look fairly painterly and definitely glowing. This will be the view through a window in my scene, it' mean to be a stark contrast to the perfect 1950's house inside. I've had a good tweak around but I'd appreciate any feedback that's out there!


  1. Hey Molly - I can't really know this without seeing it all compped together, but my instincts suggest that the receding rocks could go hazier still - as if heat haze is coming into play?

  2. Yep! Sounds good to me! I'll get on that straight away :D