Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Night of the Monsters Trailer (Final Edit?) ...

I feel pretty good about this one, I must say :)


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  1. Okay - this is about 10000 times more dynamic now, so well done! BUT (don't freak) - now you've got that great music going on (and it IS perfect), you need to re-install some of those other sound effects - for example, you need an 'alarmed sheep' SFX to help us make sense of that attack (at the moment it's as if the sheep just falls over); also, when the caravan is attacked, you need some noise, crashes, screams etc. When the panther is about to strike it would be great to put some 'big cat snarls' on there - and then a male scream; you need some snarls etc. for your fish, more screams (but find a different one) and a proper buzzing sound that grows in volume as the dragonfly approaches the screen. Now you've got the music, you've got to think about the specific SFX - be creative; for example, if you can find a buzz, find a car engine, reverse it, slow it down, speed it up; for the snarls, reverse it, layer two different snarls together - for the caravan - combine SFX; record something using your computer - a crash of cutlery, slow it down; find some breaking glass, and a scream, put that in the mix. Maybe don't try and do all the mixing on the master timeline - open up a new project and just work up some SFX which you make, export and bring into your project.

    Some suggestions now re. editing. Consider fading your title up from blackness - a quick fade up out of black will give your trailer an additional retro feel. In post, put a slight pan towards the caravan to give that shot a bit more life - only as much as you've got on the scene of the highstreet - just a push towards the caravan. Don't hate me you lot, but I also think you should put 'A terrifying tale of science' on a black background and so the first shot we see is of the scientist walking across the screen; after all, we see the serums on screen for a long time, and right now using them behind the 'Terrifying Tale' makes it look like a 50s soup commercial.

    I think too that the vignetting around the edges could be more pronounced - be bold - not so that it looks like a silent movie, but something that suggests a degradation of quality. On this same aesthetic, does After Effects allow you to use an animated 'old film' effect? Something where the lines and stuff move across the screen. Again, it would just help place the film as relic.

    Oh yeah - you need the buzzer sound effect back to accompany the wrecked laboratory. I know you're all heartily sick of this - but this finessing is worth it because your trailer is tipping over into some nicely authentic and rather affectionate of its era - so push on and get an update on here asap.