Monday, 16 January 2012

Final Trailer? ...

I think this might be it...


  1. Hey Molly,

    Okay - some pointers on editing for your yay/nay;

    I really think you should cut completely the scene with the three monsters running away as viewed through the hole in the wall; in trailer terms, and in suspense terms, it makes much more sense that we don't already know what's happening to the sheep/caravan. I know you're attached to that footage because it's been so hard won, but trust me on this - just ditch it. Also - I'd ditch the exterior shot of the army camp (is it?) So go straight from the wrecked lab to the street scene.

    In terms of your blur-outs - I think they just all need to be snappier. Also - can you feather the edges of your various wipes? Just to soften the whole thing and make it more vintage.

    On the 'a disaster of monstrous proportions strikes' - I'd try that on a plain black background and then just before you cut to the wrecked lab scene, try starting the buzzer/alarm sound before you leave the title card - i.e. start the sound of the next clip just before we see the next clip - it will help blend your edits; the same is true of the professor laughing; if you allow his laughter to carry over for a few frames to the scene where he approaches the cages, again this will help blend.

    In After Effects I think you should try for a general vignetting effect - so that the corners and edges of your film have that slight shadowing (as in Tom's Life-cycle of a mushroom). Also, I think you need to put some of that distressing effect back in - not as much as you had, but a bit more than you've got now.

    Also ( I know, I know!) I just feel as if your soundtrack mix is letting you down; it feels very unsubtle, with repeating sounds and not enough music. I really encourage you to take a another pass at your soundtrack - it just needs more sophistication throughout.

    You're on the homeward leg now, so keep your quality control nice and high and stay discerning. There is still a lot more nuancing of pace etc, you can accomplish just in post, so be bold, remember, a good cut is as transformative as a nice looking render. Be brutal if you have to.

  2. Heya!

    I agree with all of this really, I was just hoping no one would notice! XP I especially agree with the soundtrack, I was quite unsure as to what to do for it so I'll just have a look around and another go at it tomorrow.

    As for the vignette, I did try this with a square shape around the edges, should it be darker then or did you think it should be more circular? I'll also have another go with the distressing, I'm glad it's working out though I was pretty happy with it :P

    I'll just try and be tighter with the quality control lark, I always let it go a bit too much near the end XP