Sunday, 6 November 2011

Exploring Kitsune's Shape-Shifting...

There's only a couple but I thought I should just have a go:


I started off with a basic drawing of a fox and then tried mixing it with a horse, a seahorse/fighting fish and a dragon. The horse is definitely the weakest but it was the first I tried to do, followed by the sea horse and then the dragon based one.  She needs to be able to change shapes and after a lot of help from Justin he said that I could try having her change into different animals but still keep her fox-ness (which in this case is her triangular cheeks and big head and ears.

They're working quite nicely I think.  The top right drawing based on a Japanese dragon painting is quite nice although her tails still need work.  I want her amount of tails to change depending on how extreme the change is. for the horse she only has 2, for the fish she has 5 and for the flying dragon she should have all 9, although they aren't there at the moment.  She's cute though and she'll definitely work out I think, but feedback is much appreciated! Now though, onwards! :)


  1. odd - the horse is my favourite!

  2. Oh really? Cool! :D

    I can't really tell what works and what doesn't at the moment so thanks for the feedback! :P