Thursday, 10 March 2011

Story Ideas for 'The Nimble Decanter'...

My first ideas all revolve around the same thing really.

  • The decanter sees a perfume bottle at the other end of the room and decides it wants to get to it and in order to do so it has to duck and dodge many obstacles on the way such as ornaments, chairs and doors etc.
  • It could end in different ways, either it manages to get to the perfume bottle in time and it's all happy or there's a 'swing and a miss' situation where it falls just short and spills everywhere, very sad.
  • The themes this idea could have is a sort of military one where it's much like an obstacle course where there will be drum rolls and trumpets, something along the lines of the great escape music or Blackadder goes Forth.  Another is a kind of James Bond, Mission Impossible theme. Pretty much the same as the military one but slightly different music and movements maybe.
  • One other idea I had is to have a dream sequence of the decanter reaching the perfume bottle but then revealing that it's still trapped in its display cabinet.

Am I being too complicated and missing something simple? I'm not sure. Help is much appreciated though!


  1. Dear Molly...

    Ask yourself this question; what is the principle behavioural instinct of the decanter? Or, to put it another way, if you were a decanter, and you'd evolved to serve one function, what would it be? Yes - it would be 'to decant' - to decant its contents into empty vessels - to quench thirst - to be of service. Therefore, the goal of any decanter would be to 'empty' its contents in the service of quenching the thirst of someone/something else. Therefore, the goal is to fill what is empty.

    Now, what possible obstacles might get in the way of a decanter's 'raisin d'etre'? And how would the decanter surmount those obstacles? Personally speaking, the Mission Impossible theme song idea is a BIG "yes" - go listen to it - and imagine 'choreographing' the ninja-like movements of your decanter as it navigates a trip-wire/obstacle-tastic dinner setting to fulfill its primal destiny!!!!!!
    (ignore visuals - and it's 50 seconds long too!)

  2. YEEEAAAAH! Thank yooouu! This is awesome amounts of help! XD