Wednesday, 30 March 2011

@Phil Another Quick Question...

Thanks for the help yesterday! Just another quick question though, if we have a zoom in our animation should we draw out every frame or can we use premiere pro?

I don't mind either way I just want to make sure I know 'the rules' before I do something silly :P

Thanks again! :D


  1. again, Molly - it rather depends on what you want for yourself; if you draw every frame to make the zoom it means your lines will 'boil' - they will have that 'drawn' dynamism. If you zoom into a still image, it won't - the lines will be still. If you add a zoom in post-production into your actual animated footage - i.e. you've animated the scene, but discover you want a close-up of a detail - yes, a zoom will do that, but again, if you want the experience of animating your camera moves 'in drawing' as opposed to 'in post', then I suggest you look at ways to ensure that everything we see on screen has been 'hand-crafted'. It's an issue, finally, of a sort of authenticity. In the past, when students have relied on post to make content, the results have been discernibly less engaging. Not sure this is the news you wanted!

  2. No that's fine! It means a little more drawing but if it will also look better then that's what I'll do! There's something a little more wholesome and reliable about it being drawn anyway so I just need to get on it.

    Thanks a lot for the help though!