Thursday, 10 March 2011

Onwards to Decanting!

New story idea! Thanks to some refreshing help from Phil I now have another story and it's much better:

  • The Decanter has one goal and that is to fill the glasses at the dining table. There aren't many but it has to get to them first.  It'll have to dodge obstacles and jump from place to place in order to reach the table as well as the glasses.  This will all be choreographed, hopefully, to flow alongside the Mission Impossible theme tune (, as found by Phil. There will be jumping, sliding and swinging, all going well, and it will be amazing! :D

The idea is pretty simple but that's all it needs to be! I'm feeling much more confident now. Once I have my design as well I'll be well on my way to getting my storyboarding and animatic done :P

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