Thursday, 30 September 2010

More Photoshop?!

Right! My second and third attempts at using Photoshop to paint my ideas:

That was just a quick try at making a creature with mostly human shape but HUGE dragonfly eyes.  Not necessarily something realistic but I do think their eyes are awesome.

My third attempt at something painterly.  I still tried to keep a human shape but put it in a really unnatural position.  I wanted to widen the hips and elongate the legs making the back end higher than the head, also showing the deformed tail-bone trying to be a tail.  I used the bigger eyes and tiny arms again in this image because I think they're still something that could be seen as a realistic side effect to the merged DNA.

Again, I still need to work on my lighting and shading, they're not very smooth and the depth is a little wonky but I'm still happy with this picture and although I won't keep all the elements of it, and the colouring's a bit off, it was definitely good for getting more ideas going!

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