Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Life Drawing Part 1...

Even though I have done a couple of life drawing sessions (literally two) I'm still not so good at drawing the human form as I'm pretty awful at getting the proportions right. Despite my worries I just tried to enjoy it and improve really, here's how it turned out:

In the first image I was trying to incorporate the idea of 'the flesh' after watching The 1986 film 'The Fly'. To do this I used the tattoos the model had as the basis of some sort of growth. I tried to emphasize them with a darker pencil to try to make them look as if the patches were living.  I'm happy with it in that respect but she's definitely not at the right angle.

This second set of images were more about trying to focus on certain parts of the figure. Due to the model being in such an lovely position to draw for the first pose I decided to draw her fully (to try and improve my drawing skills) and then focus on her hand a little after. However, for the second position I decided to focus on drawing her feet and ankles as I haven't yet learnt to draw them correctly and also the way her hand held her shoulder as I'm still improving on drawing hands too.
I'm generally pretty happy though, I really enjoyed our first session and I can't wait to have another go and hopefully be slightly better this time round!

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