Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Portrait Painting Practice: Lana Del Rey...

Based on the picture below.

I think it's turned out pretty successfully. It's not finished yet, because I keep spotting elements that need tweaking or changing, but just as a practice I thought I'd post it up and continue to post any updates on it too. For my first attempt at a digital portrait painting, I'm pretty chuffed with it.

Here's the progress gif!


  1. looking good molly.. How did you do the timelapse?

    1. Thanks Phill! It was a gif made in photoshop.

      I saved a load of progress images as I went, popped them into seperate layers in photoshop and opened the timeline window. I then created a new frame animation and then added each layer as a new frame. Saved it for web as a gif and there we are! :D

      It's really nice to see how much the painting changed as I worked so it's a great trick to use :)