Monday, 14 April 2014

The White Hare: Adventures at ToyCon...

ToyCon was amazing! It was so great to get to meet everyone I'd been speaking to online for so long and they were all super lovely. There was some great and not so great news on my Hare. She sold within the first 5 minutes (which is amazing), but the person that bought her then proceeded to break her legs and return her (not amazing). The wonderful Richard of UME toys supplied some emergency glue and she got to go back on display, but she may have a new home yet! :)

Here are all the pictures of her I have, I was a too excited and forgot to take photos on the day but you can just see her in the cabinet here.

Here's hoping I'll have a few more pieces there next year! ;P

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  1. Love the light on the upper most render Molly :) Looking solid!