Thursday, 21 November 2013

A Few Bits & Bobs...

A couple of sculpted things:

The Birthday Otter - a gift for a friend.

Tiny Birdies - Because miniatures fascinate me at the moment.

I've also just received my copy of 'Children's Writers' & Artists' Yearbook 2014'.

Wow! I read a couple of sentences and already learned a huge amount. It helps with everything from generating your first ideas, all the way through to whether you need an agent or not. It's truly excellent (thanks Phil!) and I've already started writing a few rough 'Dream Cleaners' stories. It's exciting to be excited about them again, and I look forward to what comes next :)


  1. Molly - that otter is rather adorable - snoozy little thing! :) Yes, the book will be useful - highly practical, no-nonsense stuff... meanwhile, make sure that boyf of yours buys you your Tombola tickets pronto - doesn't he want you to have a brand new spanking iPad? ;)

    1. Thanks Phil! He turned out pretty darn cute ;P The book really is great, it got me working straight away so that's always a bonus!

      As for those tickets, I'll get him to sort it out next week, he can get them as a Christmas present for me :D

  2. Paha! You're both funny ones.

    If they are still available next Wednesday then I shall buy them.