Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Inari Progress and Some Minor Project Thoughts...

There's been lots of tweaking on Inari recently, particularly on her face and a little on clothing creases:


Her face is definitely coming along nicely now with a few things here and there that still need to be tweaked. The clothing still needs work though and a few accessories will be added to make her more unique and ninja-like ( I do still love that she has throwing darts in her hair though :D).

Now, onto the Minor Project ideas I've had so far!

During the summer I've picked up the rather therapeutic hobby of knitting and crochet. Probably sounds a little odd and unexciting but some of the creatures I've been making are adorable, even if I do say so myself.  It was after I'd made my first long-legged monster-man that Jon mentioned something like that could make for a very simple but charming animation. I haven't really given too much thought to design or creature-type yet but I do know that something like that could really be the small, but perfectly formed, animation I need to really throw myself into the third year.

The narrative ideas we've discussed have been silly, but cute and fun too, such as:
  • A mix of live action and 3D, where knitting hands will pop the creature into frame and then add or take away knitted elements comically.
  • The creature could be snagged on something at the beginning of the animation and as it tries to reach its goal, steadily unravels itself through the narrative, culminating in a funny or sad ending.
  • There could be two characters in the narrative. One discovers that the other is caught and at first thoughts thinks it's dead and mourns its friend. However, the caught creature wakes and laughs at the others mistake. The first creature, now frustrated at being laughed at, grabs the loose thread and completely unravels the caught creature. Laughing as it walks away, leaving angry blinking eyes in a pile of wool.
These ideas aren't refined yet of course, but I want to keep the narrative simple so I can get the character, rig and animation to the standard I want. This way I can start the Final Major Project confidently and with something I can be proud of! :)


  1. I like idea number 2 as it has the capacity for a universal metaphor - i.e. that in our quest to win a race we set up our own 'undoing'... there's something 'Icarus' about it, something maybe about hubris... worth developing a little further methinks!

    1. Excellent! Sounds good to me, thanks Phil! :D