Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Work Experience: The What and the When.

For the last 5 weeks I've been lucky enough to be given work experience with the Audio Visual company called Butch Auntie.

This company creates bespoke visual projections for anything from a private party up to huge public events.  They create VJ (Visual Jockey) sets for music artists that are then projected to match their set-list, as well as mapping projections to fit the grandest to the smallest buildings.

It's been the most enlightening experience as well as one of the scariest.  For the first 4 weeks I was tasked with creating flowing cloth and sparkling fireworks, which was great fun and I managed to get them done to a nice standard too.

The final week has been intense but for privacy reasons I can't discuss what I was up to, except that I used past skills as well as learning a lot of new ones.

I've learnt so much about dynamics in Maya and I've had a great first hand account of a part of the industry I may never have considered before.  It was really busy and intense but I learnt a lot and the people we've worked with have been fantastic. Super helpful and really welcoming, which is great when you're as anxious as I am.

There's still a day or so to go, but all I can say is hopefully there'll be no more last minute hiccups and it's been a really amazing experience, that I was very fortunate to be given.

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