Thursday, 1 December 2011

@Phil, Missing Essay Post

Sorry Phil! I put the post up and then decided to just jump in and have a go at writing the essay in the end.  Would you mind having a look at it if I email it to you or would it be better if I just had another check through it or two and then submitted it on the Friday?


  1. Hey Molly :)

    Okay - your essay is broadly well-argued and content rich. I think your essay question should just be something like 'An investigation of postmodern techniques in Scream and Funny Games US'. Structurally, I'd suggest you need to demonstrate a more logical progression from postmodernism to deconstruction to Scream etc. So, put very simply, I think you need a more clearly signalled definition of postmodernism in your paragraph 1 (which should include the problem with defining it), and then you need to more plainly demonstrate how 'deconstruction' is a characteristic of postmodernism's general scepticism for fixed, singular meanings and desire to visibilize hidden structures. I think you're doing this already in truth, but think of those opening paragraphs of your assignment as rungs on a ladder by which you, 10 weeks ago, could climb up to get a clear view of the subject. So, definition of postmodernism, followed by definition of deconstruction, followed by introduction of your films, followed by analysis of specific moments in your films and so on. Imagine your structure as starting wide (general) before narrowing to specifics...

    That said, in terms of your understanding etc. I think you should polish with confidence now.

  2. That's great! Thanks so much Phil! :D